Spanish Literature in the Middle Ages

How was literature born in Spain? The clue is in the Middle Ages. Have a look and find out!

1.- Life and society

a.- What do you think life in a castle was like? Write 5 sentences in past simple and compare with your partners.
b.- Click this link and find 5 words related to people

2.- The beginning of literature 

The history of Spanish literature starts with "El Cantar del Mio Cid" (12th century), an epic narrative that was transmitted orally through the story tellers. However, the first written testimonies of Spanish literature begin in the 13th century with the Middle-Ages literature, which cultivated all the genres in prose, poetry and theatre. The end of the Middle Ages (sometimes known as pre-Renaissance period) is a very prolific time for Spanish literature, with the development of works like "Coplas a la muerte de mi padre" (Jorge Manrique) and "La Celestina" (Fernando de Rojas).

Answer the questions.
a.- How was El Cantar de Mio Cid transmitted?
b.- What genres were there in the Middle Ages literature?
c.- Read the poem and write 10 words in English

Why not read? Click on the title
Cantar de Mío Cid

3.- A poem

a.- What is the topic of this poem?
b.- Support your previous questions with 5 words from the text, in English

4.- A short video about the Middle Ages


a.- Watch the video and write a diagram  about the way people lived
b.- Compare your diagram with that of a partner

5.- My first words

Click here and listen to the words. Then play the words again and make a partner write them

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